Advanced Telemedicine

Medical.jpgSOSi partners with George Washington University (GWU) Medical Faculty Associates to deliver sophisticated telemedicine solutions to deployed personnel around the globe. Our portable telemedicine tools assist SOSi paramedic and GWU Medical teams in providing enhanced onsite diagnosis and minimizing unnecessary evacuations.

The telemed network is managed by the 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Communication Center (WECC) providing a direct, WIFI enabled link to Dr. James Phillips, SOSi Chief Medical Officer and GWU Chief of Disaster Medicine, from anywhere in the globe.

In Action

When an adult male serving in an austere, remote location showed classic cardiac symptoms, SOSi paramedics engaged telemedicine protocols, connecting immediately with the company’s Chief Medical Officer at GW University Hospital in Washington, D.C. A cardiology consult via TeleMed and lab test conducted onsite, coupled with an EKG, indicated no life-threatening cardiac event. The integrated treatment plan prevented an unnecessary evacuation and resulted in the correct patient care and no lost time for the company.



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